Proposition 8 Goes To Court. Here’s the Lay of the Gay Marriage Law.



Right now, contenders in California’s gay marriage smackdown are protesting outside of California’s Supreme Court. Why the drama?

Cali’s highest court began hearing arguments today about whether or not Proposition 8 (which bans same-sex marriage) has a straight leg to stand on.

Catch up on the controversy…

1. Prop 8 was a “ballot initiative” (a type of voting that lets citizens pass laws for themselves) that won in November by a narrow margin.

2. Before it passed, gay people could marry in California (and — shocker — the moral fabric of the state was not destroyed).

3. The campaigns for and against Proposition 8 raised over $80 million dollars, with cash coming in from the Mormon Church (pro) and Google (con).

4. After it passed, a bunch of lawsuits were filed with the state Supreme Court challenging its constitutionality. Three were accepted and arguments began today.

5. The lawyers defending gay marriage (and attacking Prop 8 ) are arguing today that the Constitution guarantees equal citizenship and that Prop 8 strips people of a “fundamental right to marry.”


ballot initiative = a way to pass laws and amendments that allows voters to chime in on everything from gay marriage to education

By the Numbers

80 million = amount spent on Prop 8 campaigns

photo credit: LA times


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