Dork Dunks Cat In Bong. Pet High Jinks=Lame.


This creepy Nebraska man was charged with animal cruelty after putting his girlfriend’s cat in a makeshift bong to “calm” it down. Three times. Has he been rolling fatties with Sandra Herold, who put Xanax in attack-chimp Travis’ tea right before he ripped a woman’s face off?

Acea Schomaker was jailed and charged a $400 fine for his release. Drug charges  and a possible felony loom. Animal rights activists are outraged and we’re like, WTF. Sticking tiny 6-month kittehs in like, Death Bong 3000? It’s totally stoobs. Potheads may argue that sharing is love and it’s the thought that counts. But like, since when are stoner thoughts legit?


Photo Credit: The Sydney Morning Herald

By the Numbers:

$400= Amount that was paid to release Schomaker from Lancaster County Jail


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