Britney Spears’ New Tour A “Circus,” Just Ask the Critics!



Britney, the girl we love to pity, coddle, hate, beat-up, and praise (all in the same day) is back on tour. Her aptly-titled Circus show kicked off in New Orleans last night with 6 costume changes, 17 songs and myriad mimes, clowns and jugglers. 

It’s her first tour since 2003, her slide into baldy loonyville, and subsequent semi-comeback. 

Here’s what the critics had to say:

LA Times disses the dancing:

“Her moves were nothing special — defined by much strutting and stripper-like shimmying, with the minimum amount of acrobatics to prove her mettle as a dance-pop queen.”

Perez Hilton victimizes her vocals:

“She lipsynchs [sic] during the entire concert. There is no live singing. None!”

People dubs it a drag:

“There was a decided lack of joy in her performance, which felt labored at times.”

MTV says the spectacle subsumed Spears: 

“The two-hour show is every set designer and choreographer’s wet dream, or nightmare, or both…Britney herself is almost dwarfed by the spectacle.”

And E! asks the eternal query:

“And, as promised, earlier in the evening Britney was cut in half. (Though the question remains: Is she whole again?)”

Here’s some video, judge for yourself:



(Image via Getty)


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