Tom Selleck Inspires Cake. So Do Other Tasty Celebs.


thehorrorEven Magnum P.I, couldn’t have figured this one out. Tom Selleck is suddenly relevant again. Not just relevant, but hot!

His CBS movie “Thin Ice” — starring him as small-town police chief/big-time hunk Jesse Stone — topped the ratings on Sunday with a Magnum 15.13 million viewers.

In celebration, we baked Tom a cake. Not really though. We just found a cake on the internets while searching for sexy Tom pics. And we were sad that all men can’t grow choco-sprinkle chest hair. And then we found lots of people bake lots of celebrity cakes. Which is weirdo. And then we searched for those. Photo Credit:

Here’s a slice of our faves:

jonbonjovi2Jon Bon Jovi Cake: More men should wear vests…without shirts. They should work on that chocolate chest hair too. Photo Credit:

Bald Britney Spears Cake: It was the best of times, it was the…what’s the other half? (Don’t we miss crazy Britney?) Photo Credit:

Dolly Parton Cake: Most realistic portrayal of botched plastic surgery face in frosting. Photo Credit:

Grease Cake: Because encouraging early tabacco use is important to a child’s development…of cancer.  Photo Credit:

Pee Wee Herman Wedding Cake: This is creepy because the bride and groom are both Pee Wee and because someone stole my idea. Photo Credit:

Oprah Cake: Holy. Why does this remind us of John the Baptist? Photo Credit:

Ozzy Osbourne Cake: Let’s bite his head off! Photo Credit:

Obama Cake: Obama’s the hotcakes. Look at those soulful frosting eyes! Photo Credit:

anonhannahmontanacakeHannah Montana: The scariest teeth on a kids’ cake.  Photo Credit:

Jonas Brothers Cake: Because they are sugar-coated in real life. And delicious. Photo Credit:


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