Chris Brown and Rihanna Reunited? 50, Jay-Z, and T.I. Weigh In on the Scandal



Unless investigators decide they need more time, Chris Brown’ll be heading to court on Thursday. So where is he now? In Miami, Beach, jet skiing. We’re pretty disturbed that People and ABC News are reporting that Rihanna is with him—that the two are back together and kickin it at P. Diddy’s Star Island mansion. WTF?

Just as disturbing—some of the things hip hop mega-stars have had to say about the whole situation. Below, things that make us go hmmm:

Creepzor: 50 Cent You’ll recall he was accused of trying to burn his wife and kids last year.

It’s past what would happen in a traditional dysfunctional relationship, just a little more. She was beaten past someone hitting a person out of anger that they couldn’t control at the moment. It’s like a man fighting another man versus fighting a woman…It was more than I could do.

Loyal Homie: T.I. The Atlanta rapper who crooned “Live Your Life” with Rihanna has gone as far as to say that he hopes the couple gets back together. 

I’ve been blessed and fortunate enough to spend time around them. Chris, he’s a great guy…It’s not my business, but I know through all adversity comes strength and everyone goes through things for a reason.

Rumored Ex: Jay Z Maybe they dated. They’ll deny it til the end. But when he first heard about what went down the night before the Grammies, Jay Z supposedly told his friend,

Chris is a walking dead man. He messed with the wrong crew.

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