Desperate Housewives Liplock…Hatcher and Longoria! More Lezzie Publicity Stunts.


What do you do when your show’s ratings are slipping/your career is tanking? Duh. You go lesbo for five minutes.

Desperate Housewives, deep in its 5th season slump, is hoping a little girl-on-girl smooch will reel in ratings. Teri Hatcher and Eva Longoria Parker swap spit in an upcoming episode—possibly even Sunday’s. 

“I’m a great kisser,” Eva Longoria Parker told Us Magazine. “She was not supposed to kiss back, so [Hatcher] was kind of just there, and I had to do all the work.”

Progressive social commentary or skanky publicity stunt? No brainer. Below, a slideshow of our favorite desperate lesbian moments:



Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan had a bad rep and was a total tabloid punching bag. Then last September, she confirmed that she was dating DJ Samantha Ronson. The media is obsessed with the couple—even dubbing them “Rohan.” Only time will tell if it saves her career.


Katy Perry. As a gospel singer she got nowhere. Then she wrote a Sapphic sex jam inspired by Scarlett Johannson, that goes, “I kissed a girl and I liked it.” Now she’s a superstar. Where’s the gospel remix?


Madonna. The Material Girl’s career sucked in 2003—American Life was her lowest selling album. Then, she befriended Britney and smooched her during the MTV Video Music Awards. Madonna’s next tour—a smash hit.


Friends. In 2001, Jennifer Aniston smooched guest star Winona Ryder, a long-lost sorority friend in the episode. Convenient: this stunt went down during sweeps week. 



Buffy the Vampire SlayerChicks always dug the show. But after Willow and Tara got together for the first lesbian sex scene on television in 2000, guys liked it, too.



Anne Heche. When Heche started dating Ellen DeGeneres back in 1997, she quickly became a household name rather than just “some actress.” Once they broke up, she went right back to dudes. And hm. Funny how she’s fallen off the radar.

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