Warren Beatty Asks Lindsay Lohan To Move In. Um, Creepsville?



Warren Beatty is directing/starring in a new movie, and he wants Lindsay Lohan to play his daughter. He’s offered her the role BUT she has to agree to live with him while they shoot. So why, o why, does a 71-year-old man want Lindsay to shack up with him? 

Here are our theories:

  • Lindsay is infamous for acting up on set, plus rumors have been swirling that her recent weight loss is due to nose candy. Maybe Warren wants to keep tabs on her so she cleans up and doesn’t F up his film?
  • Perhaps Beatty is hoping to score a 3sum with Lindsay and her ladypal, Samantha Ronson. Beatty is a notorious womanizer
  • Maybe this is all an exercise in Method acting? Like, they’ll actually play being father/daughter 24/7? “Lindz! Stop rubbing your nose at the table!”
  • Beatty is married to Annette Bening but she’s around 50, a little old to squeeze out more kids. Perhaps four isn’t enough for this dad. Lindsay makes 5?

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