Mantastic News: Hot Vid Games…Killzone 2, Halo Wars, Resident Evil 5



Your geekizoid boyfriend twiddles the X-box controller more than your private girl buttons. He’s won’t shut up about the super crazy hot games of spring. Before you swipe his memory card and delete his saved Level 47 status, why not get some game of your own?

Drop these secret codes and see just how fast your man gives you real-time play. 


“OMG baby, Killzone 2 is the hottest FPS! You’re the teh 1337!” 

  • Out Feb. 27, PlayStation 3’s crazy coveted us-vs-aliens rampage is set on the planet Helghan. 
  • FPS is shorthand for “first person shooter.” Gunslingers peep play from behind the barrel of gun-like weapons. 
  • “teh 1337” is hacker language for the leet or elite. 


“Dude, Halo Wars!? You will totally pwn that RTS!”

  • Out Mar. 3, the X-Box 360 follow up to Halo 3 (which banked a sick $300 millz its first week in 2007) prequels the first Halo game. Surprise: us-vs-aliens.
  • This is the franchise’s first real time strategy (RTS) game, which means plotting and building in addition to smashing enemies.
  • To “pwn” (pronounced “own”) is to crucially dominate in gamer speak.



“Whoa, co-op play in Resident Evil 5? I’m a n00b, but can I play?”

  • Out Mar. 13, the sci-fi/horror franchise pits Chris Redfield against a bioterrorist threat that’s mutating Africa. 
  • Cooperative/co-op play means two players can fight alongside each other.
  • A “n00b” (note the zeroes for Os) is a newbie in gamer speak. They are often pwned.



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