“Slumdog Millionaire” Snags 8 Oscars. A Cheat Sheet On Why.



Everyone’s buzzing that “Slumdog Millionaire” banked eight whopping Oscars last night. Your bad. The night your friends saw it, you exfoliated your elbows and watched DVRed “Lost.”

Fake it at the water cooler as you flash that baby-butt smooth skin. No one will be yapping about snoozer wins like Best Score, Film Editing and Sound Mixing. But here are some fast facts you can drop on the rest: 

  • Best Picture A young dude in Mumbai loves a childhood friend 4evs. Torture, crime and game shows ensue.
  • Directing Danny Boyle gave us “Trainspotting,” “The Beach” and “28 Days Later.” Yes, this movie is just as kinetic, arresting, and hip.
  • Music (Song) A.R. Rahman beat out his own M.I.A. collabo (“O Saya”) with bhangra song “Jai Ho.” It soundtracks the bangin’ Bollywood dance number at the end.
  • Cinematography The classic shot? Our child protagonist jumping into a giant puddle of poop.
  • Writing (Adapted Screenplay) Based on Vikas Swarup’s award winning novel “Q&A,” there were many subtle switcharoos from the original plot

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