Conan Bids Late Night Bye-Bye. We Send Him Off With 4 Fave Moments.



Oh, Conan.

The nerdy, overlarge, pointy-faced, host hunk has gotten us through too many nights alone. It’s his last episode of Late Night before he debuts on The Tonight Show in June and we, like the rest of the country, are stupid nostalgic. 

Wanna hold our tear-streaked hand as we stroll down Conan Lane? Here are our four fave moments from Conan’s sweet sixteen years. [NOTE: WE CAN’T EMBED THESE NON UTUBE VIDS IN WORDPRESS BUT SHOULD BE ABLE TO IN EE. PLEASE IMAGINE THIS LOOKS LIKE THE LETTERMAN/JOAQUIN POST FROM LAST WEEK?]

The very first episode opened with a positively pubescent Conan walking to work on his first day in ’93. Awww. Cutesies!


Conan Meets Martha

In this classic clip from 1999, Conan and sidekick Andy Richter get Martha Stewart to gorge on a Taco Bell burrito and swig some beer.  


Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Meets Star Wars Fans 

Yes, Conan does it doggy style. Hot!  


Conan Kisses Rebecca Romijn

Conan and Andy play an innocent game of suck and blow with model Rebecca Romijn.


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