BBC America Debuts “Mistresses” About Four Fabulous Girlfriends. Formula much?



BBC America’s new show “Mistresses” is about (gasp!) 4 women who are skinny, attractive, fashionable and love sex. How original! Not. Is it just me or does this sound just like “Sex and the City,” “Cashmere Mafia” and “Desperate Houswives?”

Hmm…I think I see a pattern emerging. Behold, the chick-drama formula!

  • Four is the magic number for friends who bitch, shop and commiserate together. (Lipstick Jungle’s trio sorta has a phantom fourth, author Candace Bushnell.)
  • At least one girl must have a dramatically different hair color. Diversity, yay! 
  • At least one girl must have a non-dramatically different skin tone. Non-diversity, boo!
  • These women must have teeny waists and enjoy posing with their hands on their bony hips. 
  • At least half of every show must be devoted to sex. No, not the actual act. Just the discussion. Because most women spend hours a day discussing sex over soy lattes in outdoor cafes.
  • These chicks are magically affluent, regardless of their job or lack of one. 

Anything we’re forgetting? Chime in!

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