Botox and Vacuums: A Sneak Peek Inside This Year’s Oscar Gift Bags



Maybe you’re wondering if the Academy is going to give Best Picture to Brad Pitt’s “I’m-old-n-fugly” snooze-fest “Benjamin Button.” But what you’re really dying to know is what’s inside those Oscar gift bags. A few years back, celebs pocketed an estimated $100K in Oscar night freebies. But this year, with the recession in full force, the gift bags are looking much more practical than bling. 


We asked Distinctive Assets—a company making gift packages for nominees—what’s is in their bags. Below, some highlights:

  • A Hoover Platinum Collection Vacuum, $399.99. Nothing screams beauty and glamour like a clean carpet.
  • Booty Pop Panties, $35. Because personal trainers, plastic surgeries and pilates classes aren’t enough to bake them tight buns we aspire to. 
  • A Sears Home Energy Audit, $550. Eco-chic. Paint that red carpet green!
  • A Ten-Day Trip to the Galapagos Islands from Lindblad Expeditions, $10,980. Um, wow. Turtles are amazing! 
  • A can of Altoids, $1.29. Even Kate Winslet wants curiously fresh breath.


Madison and Mulholland and GBK Productions are two companies also slappin’ together swag for nominees. They’re a little more hush hush on the deets, but we did peek some of their top picks.

  • A year’s worth of Botox, $3,000. Now maybe some celebs might fess up to actually getting it.
  • A toothbrush sanitizing contraption, $30. We don’t need to know where they’re sticking those things. 
  • A vacation to a destination spa, $10,000. Since celebs never get to go anywhere cool and exotic to be pampered.
  • Senseo coffee. Don’t they have underlings to get them Starbucks? 

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