TV Spoiler Alerts: Hints To Tonight’s Must-Sees


It’s Thursday night and we all know what that means—awesome television. Here’s a sneak peek at what bloggers swear is going to happen tonight on the tube: 



Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, PM)
After hot sex with a dead boyfriend and a medical test that reported “anemia,” Grey’s fans can’t help but wonder: what the eff  is up with Izzie? Rumors have been flying that Katherine Heigl may leave the show. Maybe it’s not a rumor after all—in tonight’s episode, Izzie finds out her blood sample was mixed up with someone else’s. So what is it? A fatal disease?

*Check out the trailer here


Ugly Betty (ABC, 8 PM)
Ok, we get it. Betty is awesome at whatever she does, she’s a strong woman, blah blah. But after two failed romances, we want to see a new fling! Rumor has it, Daniel Eric Gold will debut in tonight’s episode as Matt, Betty’s new love interest at YETI. And what’s more—he has a big secret! 

*Check out the trailer here.


Burn Notice (USA, 10 PM)
“Burn Notice” is on fire this season. Michael will find out who burned him. (Gasp!) Fiona and Michael will finally have a steamy hook-up s. And according to some rumors, we’ll find out that Michael has a former fiancée that comes back! Poor Fi. Please, please, please let some of this unravel tonight!

* Check out the trailer here.

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