Travis the Chimp: Scenes from the Life of Screen Star Turned Vicious Mauler


Not like you need a refresher on Travis the Chimpanzee, who went ape-sh*t, mauled a woman, and got stabbed by his owner before getting shot dead by the cops. What’s bananas is that before Tuesday, Travis was the sweetest, cutest pet ever who hawked products for major commercial campaigns.

Check out our mad media slideshow on the Old Navy model turned 200-pound killer.

Warning, this video is not for the faint of heart. That’s Travis’ owner Sandra Herald making a frantic call to 911. 



Travis was a supa-star. He appeared in Old Navy and Coca-Cola commercials. (Perhaps that flexing is an early indication of deep monkey menace to come?)



Travis could be walked on a leash. Where was said leash when he went buck wild on 55 year old Charla Nash and “ripped off [her] face?”



Travis was 14—who knows how old that is in chimp years.  Still he could use a computer, put on a shirt, and drink wine from a proper glass. Wait. What? He drank wine from a glass? This may support the rumor that the substance-monger was on Xanax at the time of attack.

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