Fashion Week Designers Divulge Their “Inspiration”: We’re Thinking, “Huh?”


Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week kicked off in Bryant Park this week and so far, designers are gabbing galore about their collections, models, and muses.

But, um, we’re noticing that every time a designer claims something “inspired” them, what  wafts down the runway looks nothing like the source. 

Peep the slideshow below, and we think you’ll agree. 


The Designer: Pamella Roland 
The Inspiration: “A modern take on the Imperial Russia gilded age and the masterful art of Faberge.” 
Our Verdict: The Russian royal imperial family didn’t spend a lot of time louging on the beach and they wouldn’t be caught DEAD in a two-piece and heels. Oh wait, they are dead. Which begs the next question. What, exactly, does this have to do with a Fabrege egg?



The Designer: Nicholas K
The Inspiration: “Films like ‘Mad Max,’ ‘Blade Runner,’ ‘Suller Babies,’—the whole idea of the future being more of a post-apocalyptic feeling.”
Our Verdict: Oh yeah We TOTALLY see a resemblance. This must be Mad Max after he moved to the Hamptons and took up Polo. 



The Designer: Sergio Davila
The Inspiration: “The 19th century when the viceroy, the representation of the king of Spain, came to the Americas.”
Our Verdict: Spanish Viceroys are much more dignified that this. Even the model looks embarassed.  Perhaps next time Davila should try to find shorts that actually fit. And lose the flower.



The Designer: Behnaz Sarafpour
The Inspiration: Sculptures by Alexander Calder
Our Verdict: Sarafpour must never have seen a Calder sculpture in her life. Cause this is just a white trench coat.


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