An Airport Scanner Peeps Your Privates; 5 Things We Don’t Want Them To See!



The Transportation Security Administration is rolling out an airport scanner that can see through clothes. It’s better than metal detectors for spotting weapons, but it reveals outlines of girl and boy bits. 

The American Civil Liberties Union is freaking out. A rep said: “We’re getting closer and closer to a required strip-search to board an airplane.”

Yes, the invasion of privacy like, sucks or whatevs. But because this is really about some Tom peeping our unmentionables,we wonder how super-powered the scanner’s X-ray vision is.

Here’s a list of the worst things we’d hate a TSA employee to see:

  1. A botched bikini wax.
  2. Uneven boobs (normally disguised by a bra)
  3. Period paraphernalia. 
  4. Boink-buddy’s undescended testicle. (Wait. Can we actually see the one lodged inside? Hm. Interesting…)
  5. Muffintop.

What would you hate the TSA to see?


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