Mickey Rourke’s Pup Passes; Other Celebs Live for Dogs


mickey-rourke1If all dogs go to heaven, then Mickey Rourke’s pup is peeing on the great fire hydrant in the sky. Yesterday, his cherished Chihuahua Loki, who he’s called “the love of my life,” kicked the bucket. Howls to the moon from all!

You’ll remember “The Wrestler” star thanked his dogs in his Golden Globe Best Actor acceptance speech. He continues the puppy heart-fest in a Barbara Walters pre-Oscar special on Sunday night (7pm, ABC).

But Mick’s not the only star starry-eyed over four-legged best friends. Here are four more who are crazy for canines.


The millionheiress sleeps nightly with 17 pups. Last year, Animal Services stopped by to warn: non-breeders can only have three dogs. Luckily, Paris wasn’t home to get the message. “Hot!”


Labrador Martha Stewart was a jealous b*tch when Violet (spawn of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner) was born. Before  Martha, JG had a beagle-boxer named Maggie May and a maltese named Charlie Rose. 



Jake’s ex Kirsten Dunst once complained their dog Atticus “…poops everywhere. My backyard smells like a barn.” Rumor has it that Jake and new beau Reese Witherspoon are getting married, and that Atticus will be the ring-bearer. Smells like love!

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