The “Juice”iest Bits of A-Rod’s Steroids Press Chat



A-RoidRod faced the media yesterday and made a statement about his use of illegal performance enhancing drugs. If you missed the Yankee’s sincerely sad “I’m sowwy” speech, round the bases on what you need to know.

1. Alex Rodriguez seemed to (sniff!) struggle with tears! Speaking carefully, eyes brimming, he stepped up to bat with a plea. 

“I’m a little nervous or a lot nervous,” he began. “So, bear with me a little bit.” 

2. He abused an energy boosting drug  for three freaking years.  A-Rod ‘fessed that he and an unnamed cousin injected an over the counter Dominican drug twice a month, six months a year, from 2001-2003. It’s not clear what the drug was.

“…We consulted no one and had no good reason to base that decision. It was pretty evident that we didn’t know what we were doing.”


3. Helloooooo? Choked up and overwhelmed, A-Rod went silent for 38 looooong seconds. At the end of his statement, he addressed the Yanks, but couldn’t get the words out.

“And to my teammates…” Blink, blink. Stare, stare. Lip chew. Water sip. And then finally, “Thank you.”


4. Two totally quotable sound bites emerged from the ensuing Q&A.

“I knew we weren’t taking Tic-Tacs.”

“I am here to take my medicine.”

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