Hockey Players: The New Celebrity Arm Candy?



Rock stars are over, quarterbacks are so last year, and starlets have had it with baseball players. Looks like hockey players are the new goal. 

For weeks, Carrie Underwood has been all, “No, I’m not dating Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators.” But last night she hit a Senators game and rooted for them, even though they battled her hometown team, The Nashville Predators. When a TV camera zoomed in on her, she ducked down in her seat.

Carrie, it’s cool. Lots of other ladies are also ignoring the black eyes and missing teeth that come with hockey hotties. Below, our favorite hookups: 

hilary-duffHilary Duff is hip-checking Mike Comrie of the New York Islanders. She’s been spotted wearing what looks like an engagement ring.

rachel-hunterFormer supermodel Rachel Hunter upgrades from Rod Stewart to…Jarret Stoll, a cutey player for Los Angeles Kings. 

elisha-cuthbertElisha Cuthbert is on her second hockey dude—Dion Phaneuf of the Calgary Flame. Before that, she was high-sticking New York Rangers player Sean Avery.

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