Must-Have Prez Paraphernalia: Presidents Day Sale!


It’s Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday, and we’re getting all jingo(istic) with it. Why? Because the first of four new pennies has been released. Instead of the Lincoln memorial on the back, the new penny features the log cabin where Lincoln was raised. Yes! Prez bling!

Since Monday is Presidents Day, we scoured the web to find you more presidential tchotchkes that you can bring home and salute.

Obama Keds, $72



Everyone’s rocking Barack gear these days, but who’s got him on their shoes?

Reagan Is My Homeboy bag, $23

reagan-bagThe perfect way to show that the world that you and Cowboy Reagan are tight.

Signature Pillow, $25


Slip into your Snuggie and curl up with Former President Carter’s signature.

Gerald Ford Bust, $42


Forget the Mozart head. Ideal for those who long to gaze at the clutzy Commander In Chief’s 3-D visage all day long.

6’2” John F. Kennedy Cardboard Standup, $34.95


A fun way to always have one of the Hottest Prezzes ever at your parties!

George Rebel Tote Bag, $24.99

washington-bag1I cannot tell a lie: the Original George W. was a total badass. Rock the bag.

Plush Abe Lincoln Doll, $19.99


An adorable reminder that slavery is bad, tight facial hair is good. 

Nixon and Elvis Shot Glass, $4.95


Fool meets cool. Nix’s shining moment captured forever.

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