Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong


You can give yourself a manicure at home. You can mash a banana and an avocado in a bowl and call it a homemade facial. But plastic surgery? Puh-lease leave that to the pros. Yesterday,  Sharhonda Lindsay, a 32-year-old woman in Florida, was charged with practicing medicine without a license. Last month, she gave two women an injection of a homemade silicon and saline solution designed to make their posteriors look like J-Lo’s. Instead, the injections caused severe reactions. Both women are still in the hospital.

Plastic surgery is serious. Even when it’s legit, things still sometimes go wrong. Below are four of the worst plastic surgery disasters in Hollywood. Because if it can happen to celebs—who can easily afford the best docs—it can happen to anyone:

tameka_surgery2 • Earlier this week, Tameka Foster, Usher’s wife, went into cardiac respiratory arrest as she was being anesthetized for liposuction. She was in an induced coma for 24 hours, and her hubby skipped the Grammy’s to be by her side. Hmm, maybe it’s good she didn’t actually get the liposuction. Her body may not have been able to handle the bumps, blood clots, and scars that sometimes come with it.

donda_surgery1Donda West, Kanye West’s mother, died in 2007 from a heart attack after breast reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction procedures. According to her autopsy report, coronary artery disease and “other factors” caused her death. Ok, we get it, hush hush. But we do know that tummy tucks can cause scarring, bleeding and other major problems.

priscilla_surgeryPriscilla Presley, ex-wife of Elvis, hardly looks like a natural beauty these days. Rumor has it that in 2003, an Argentinian doctor convinced her to try a wrinkle-nixer he claimed was better than Botox. It turned out to be industrial-grade silicone, like what’s used to lubricate auto parts. (This doc was later convicted.) Priscilla’s eyes now look too small and she can barely move her face—not surprising since any cosmetic surgery causes nerve damage. Botox can also lead to allergic reactions, lazy eyes, and sometimes even death. Eek.

tara_surgery2Tara Reid will have a hard time living down her infamous nipple slip picture. [DIFFERENT ART COMING] The real horror: her nipples had been deformed after a breast enhancement surgery gone wrong—from the same surgeon who gave her a rippled stomach instead of a tummy tuck. As popular as it may be, not many people realize that breast surgery can cause numbness in the nipples, sagging breasts, scars and stretched skin.

You’ve been warned.


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