3 Tales of Global Girls Fighting for Their Rights


13iran_600It’s appropriate some of the wildest go-girl news is coming from countries starting with “I.” Women around the world are putting themselves first. Here’s some of the biggest international she-centric headlines from Friday:

  • Iraq: She’s the bomb…uh, bomber. A female suicide bomber in Iraq killed 32 Shiite pilgrims in Iraq on Friday. Unfortunately, many of victims were women and children. Sort of horrifying, we hate terrorism, but damn. Hard core. 
  • Iran: Chicks demand divorce and education. Women in Iran protested against the killing of women and children in Gaza last month. Now, they’re turning to their own government and demanding rights to split from bad spouses and education.
  • India: A panty raid on the “Hindu Taliban.” After the radical Hindu political group, Sri Ram Sena, attacked women in a bar in India on January 24 for drinking, Indian women – inside and outside the country – aren’t letting this down. They sent pink panties to Ram Sena leader Pramod Mutalik for V-day!

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