Creepy Stats on Child Brides Around the Globe


nujoodYemen’s Nujood Ali has been married and divorced—at the ripe old age of 10. Now she’s the subject of a new autobiography, currently being written by French journalist Delphine Minoui.

The horror show goes like this: Nujood’s father married her off to a 30-year old man when she was 9. After months of being raped and beaten, she escaped last April. A judge granted her a divorce; she was the first young girl in Yemen to seek one.

The father says he wanted to save her from being abducted and raped like his two eldest daughters were. So…to save your child from bad old men, you gave her away to one? I know Yemen is facing extensive poverty, and the overwrought father of 16 was begging for a living, but sheesh. Really?

Unfortunately, Nujood’s isn’t an isolated case. Here’s a look at some pretty shocking stats about child brides around the globe:

  • Another young divorcee in Yemen is Arwa Abdu Muhammad, who was married at age 8 and sought refuge from her 35-year old husband a month after Nujood left hers. She ran away to a local hospital, where a doctor took her to a police station to file a case. She is now living with relatives as her case awaits resolution.
  • Although pretty bad, Yemen is not the only country guilty of child marriages. More than 60 million women around the world aged 20–24 were married before they reached the age of 18. South Asia and Sub-saharan Africa lead the way in most child marriages.




Nujood = one of the youngest divorcees in the world at the age of 10

By the Numbers:

52% = the percentage of women in Yemen married before they turn 18 


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