Afghan Girls Skate Through Life – On Boards


Watch this video of two Afghan girls in adorable pink and orange hoodies yelling “juice it!” and launching their painted skateboards down a makeshift ramp. Do it. You will not stop smiling all day, for real.

The girls are learning how to do an ollie at Skateistan, a skateboarding school in Kabul founded in 2007 by Oliver Percovich, who followed his girlfriend halfway across the world and then, like lots of us who do that, found himself with, um, nothing do to.

Now the extremely hot Aussie rides around town on a scooter with skateboards strapped to the back. He’s raising money to open an indoor skate complex, where local boys and girls can learn to pivot on a quarter-pipe instead of, um, having acid thrown in their faces.

Of course, this being Afghanistan and all, the Tony-Hawks-in-training don’t have it easy–there’s the girl whose brother beat her up for skating it up with street kids, and then there’s the small matter of car bombs going off 20 feet away. But hopefully skating gives these kids a way to deal with all the insane violence and unfairness in their lives.

As the girls tell the camera, “We skate because we want to lose our fear, and to get courage.”

It’s like that old Vision Street Wear motto from the 80s: No Fear.

Skateboarding in Afghanistan Provides a Diversion From Desolation

Skateistan’s Website

Skateboarding Glossary

Word Up –
Ollie: the basic skateboard trick, the one where the front of the board goes up in the air but you hopefully don’t fall on your ass


2 Responses to “Afghan Girls Skate Through Life – On Boards”

  1. Vision Street Wear Says:

    Great Story! Now they just need a good skate park…

    ~Vision Street Wear~

  2. Joey Five Says:

    Get on it VST!

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