Testes Delight: Have a Ball with these Recipes


As you’ve probably heard, seven people were poisoned in Japan eating blowfish this week. What part of the blowfish, you might ask? The testicles.

In some cultures, like China and Serbia, it’s believed that eating testicles increases sexual vigor due to the high levels of testosterone they hold. King Louis XV and his lover Madame de Pompidour ate ram’s jewels in the Palace of Versailles before le sex. In modern times, it’s believed that castrating beef cattle helps fatten and tenderize their beef. Why waste some good gonads if you’ve already chopped them off?

But maybe, those boy parts are just straight up delicious, since folks have been chomping down on fish, ostrich, lamb, turkey, pig, ram, dog, and sheep testicles like, forevs.

Here are some of the ballsiest testicle recipes:

  • Hillbilly Recipe’s Butterflied Turkey Nuts Apparently turkey “nuts” are found on the inside, near the turkey’s liver. But how do you know if you’ve got a dud turkey? And how big could they possibly be? And why am I curious when I have no intention of searching for turkey nuts?

Fun Fact: Montana’s Rock Creek Lodge throws the world’s largest Testy Festy, which attracts over 15,000 people . Over the five day event, over 2 1/2 tons of bull testicles are consumed.


Rocky Mountain Oysters or Mountain/Prairie Oysters= the testicles of an animal such as a calf, sheep or boar. Those from a younger animal are best. Though they’re not terribly popular in the United States, testicles are considered a delicacy in Italy and France. They can be sautéed, deep-fried, braised and poached.

In the Numbers:

2.5= tons of bull testicles served at the Testicle Festival in Montana


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