You’re Fired: Meet the 200,000 Jobs Lost in ’09


You know the economy is bad when 200,000 jobs have already gone up in smoke this year. It’s still January, people. This is after 2008 turned out to be the worst year for job loss since 1945, with 2.6 million Americans out of work.

With companies expected to reduce jobs another 39% in the next six months, Congress is supposed to vote on the ginormous $825 billion stimulus package on Wednesday. Is that even enough cash to go around?

Here’s the skinny on who just got the ax:

20,000 – jobs lost at Caterpillar, the world’s largest supplier of heavy equipment for mining and construction.

8,000 – jobs eliminated at Pfizer after the pharmaceutical giant merged with other pharmaceutical giant Wyeth. All those pink slips came on just the first day of the merger—and Pfizer expects to fire another 19,000 people in the next few years.

8,000 – jobs slashed at Sprint Nextel by the end of March. CEO Dan Hesse said, “Labor reductions are always the most difficult action to take.” Duh.

7,000 –  people fired by Home Depot, who is also closing their Expo chain, since, um, nobody is buying houses right now.

7,000 –  jobs eliminated by the international bank and insurance company ING (you know, them of the orange dot). One of those fired is CEO Michel Tilment.

6,000 – jobs cut at Intel, the world’s largest maker of microprocessors, the little chips that make all personal computers possible.

6,000 – people axed at Philips Electronics, makers of those Blu-Ray discs you can’t afford to watch.

5,000 – positions eliminated at Microsoft. (Expect Bill Gates to bring his charity caravan closer to home…)

3,500 – people fired by steel manufacturer Corus Group, since nobody’s building anything.

3,400 – people let go at Texas Instruments, who make chips for cellphones that nobody’s buying.

2,000 – positions lost at General Motors, since nobody’s buying cars, either.

1,000 – new job losses at United Airlines, on top of 1,500 cut last year.

Behind the numbers:

Big U.S. companies announce massive job cuts

Deluge of layoffs hits U.S. economy

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