Drug Smuggling Tip: Don’t Use Beef.



As US Beef regains status as South Korea’s top imported meat, maybe we should look into alternative uses for beef, such as, I don’t know, importing drugs? The Guardian has reported that Italian customs police have arrested  two Brazilians who tried smuggling in cocaine hidden between packaged meat slices…cause less suspicious than smuggling drugs is smuggling a suitcase of raw unrefrigerated meat.

Here are 3 crazy ways people have smuggled drugs in the past:

  • Roid Rage: This summer, Australian customs confiscated over 150 bottles of banned liquid steroids from Thailand labeled as “gay lube oil.” Oh. Crap. I thought that lube felt weird…
  • Sweet Tooth: In 2007, Colombian drug-smugglers got caught in Panama with boxes of dentures filled with $300,000 of cocaine. Talk about a coke numbie!
  • Dead Man Drugging: Tanzanian police arrested seven people in 2006 after police discovered 57 sachets of cocaine hidden inside the stomach of a cadaver. Mmm…formaldehydey.

What ever happened to the good, old fashioned rectum?

Which also makes us wonder, not that we condone drugs or anything, but would you smoke marijuana that had been sequestered in someone else’s butt? What if they were a friend?

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