Obama Oath Gaffe & 5 Fave Flubs of Former Prezes


As cute as he looked, we all cringed when Obama botched his Inaugural Oath yesterday.

Obama fumbled the start by coming in too early and saying the first two words (“I, Barack”) twice. Then swearer-inner Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John G. Roberts Jr. misplaced the word “faithfully.” The oath reads, “I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States.” But John G. said, “I will execute the office of president of the United States faithfully,” and that’s what Obama repeated.This from the Constitutional expert?

Some people are arguing this means Obama isn’t really president yet, but the New York Times say that if people get all uppity about it the Pres can just have a do-over.

Let’s look back at The Scan’s top 5 presidential flubs:

1) Dubya can’t open a door: Bush tried to exit a press conference in Beijing by pulling repeatedly on a locked door. This leads to the best picture ever taken.
2) Bush, Sr. vomits on the Japanese prime minister: Yeah, that was awesome. Video here.
3) Reagan doesn’t know difference between Brazil and Bolivia: At a Brazilian state dinner, President Reagan raised his glass to President Figueiredo and “to the people of Bolivia.”
4) Carter wants to bang Poland: Jimmy delivered a speech in Poland that was mistranslated. He said he “understood their anxiety,” they heard “I desire you sexually.”
5) Harry S. Truman kills a bunch of doves: During Truman’s convention a bunch of doves were released into the venue to wow the audience. Instead, most died from the heat and the others attacked the delegates.


One Response to “Obama Oath Gaffe & 5 Fave Flubs of Former Prezes”

  1. He Just Flew in From the White House and, Boy, Are His Arms Tired « TheFakeScan Says:

    […] remember that Justice Roberts flubbed the word “faithfully” when oathing Obama at last week’s inauguration, forcing the Prez to hold a whole new swearing in ceremony to legally take office. Lame, yes, but […]

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