Kill Food Cravings Even Though Biology Doomed Us


A new study from Brookhaven National Laboratory proves that men are more able to suppress their hunger and are therefore better dieters.  I’m skeptical, as I’ve yet to meet a straight man on a diet that isn’t the we-need-Wendy’s-cause-we’re-stoned diet.

In any case, we’re screwed, destined to long for yummies. What do we do? Here are tips from a range of experts on how to curve the craving:

  • Drink water or tea: Atkins (and everyone else) insist that many of us are chronically dehydrated and confuse hunger for thirst. Drinking warm teas can help pacify emo hunger/cravings too! If you’re really rexi, putting Splenda in lemon water is a good fix. Just sayin’.
  • Remove Temptations: wikiHow says if you know you’ll eat that block of cheese in one sitting, don’t buy it! Get rid of snack foods, candy, cookies, and sodas because if they’re there, you’ll inevitably eat them. I’ve eaten a round of goat cheese before…with a spoon. That’s why I don’t keep spoons in the house.
  • Head or Body Hunger: Raw food guru Angela Stokes says to decide whether your craving is in your head or if you are legitimately hungry. Could you eat anything or just one specific thing…if it’s anything you’re hungry. I don’t know if I’m ever hungry…all I want are burritos.
  • Wait ten minutes: recommends when cravings strike, go use mouthwash (everything tastes awful after that), exercise, sew buttons, walk your dog, or take out the trash. Chances are you’ll forget about what you wanted and accomplish something. Or you’ll totally cave afterward, but at least you did something today!
  • Substitute and Portion Control: Times of India says lean protein can halt a sugar craving, mineral magnesium (nuts and spinach work) for chocolate, make healthier homemade chips, and watch portion sizes! Spinach for chocolate? Why are these people lying to us?
  • Snack Smart: South Beach Diet recommends snacking on low-fat cheese, raw veggies, or nuts. Eating before your blood sugar drops will save calories in the long run. I like to melt low-fat cheese on raw veggies. What? It’s not like melted cheese has more calories than reg cheese!



head hunger= an emotional response/craving of food as opposed to legitimate hunger

By the Numbers:

8= number of 8 oz. glasses we need each day



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