Inaugural Party Gossip!


Sapped from a long yesterday of emotional TV, by nightfall I could scarcely move. Luckily I am not famous, because then I would have missed a billion awesome Inaugural parties.

No, really, they were awesome, I watched them on TV. Here’s what transpired:

  • President and First Lady Obama trucked themselves to 10 parties. The totally heart-melting First Dance was Etta James’ “At Last,” covered by (who else) Beyonce at the Neighborhood Ball. The First Couple danced in that holding-each-other-and-giggling way you remember from high school. It almost gives me the audacity to hope…
  • Michelle Obama went ring-less. Just like J.Lo., except without everyone freaking out.
  • At the Commander-in-Chief ball, the President danced with Army Sgt. Margaret Herrera of San Antonio, who cried in his arms.
  • Sheryl Crow, also a trooper: she played three parties in one day, and THEN had to go and run into ex Kid-Rock. Awkward.
  • J.Lo and Mark Antony kissed and cuddled onstage at the Western Ball; he called her “cute.” Aww.
  • At the Creative Coalition Ball last night, Sting rocked his new brown hair alongside Diddy and Elvis Costello, fashion plate for everyone’s new eyeglasses.
  • At the Google Party, Glenn Close played backgammon in the back room while Ben Affleck opined about the Middle East.
  • At the Human Rights Campaign’s Equality Party Cyndi Lauper sang while straddling a piano. There was also a giant rainbow ice sculpture (take that, Rick Warren!).

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