Technofile: Streaming Grieving


It was only a matter of time: now funerals can be experienced virtually, from the comfort of your own home. That’s right, everyone—now you can mourn your loved ones without the hassle of travel! That’s not creepy or anything!

More and more funeral homes are offering a live web simulcast to view on your laptop or even your iPod. Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Service will both stream and archive the ritual, which costs about $300 more than traditional services. This is especially handy for those unexpected last-minute deaths when you just can’t get away. A Schoedinger spokesman told the AP, “this allows people to…share in the grief experience with everyone,” without the messy crying and wailing in public. What’s next? Skyping our eulogies? Scattering ashes in Second Life?

Web grief: Funeral webcasts gain in popularity
Crematorium opens in Second Life


Word Up:
Grief Experience – Death industry/mental health lingo for the messy business of dealing with death.

300 – how many more dollars it costs to digitize your loved one’s demise


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