Inaugruation Fashion ‘Do’s and ‘Don’t’s (Mostly ‘Don’t’s)

Michelle Obama Inuaguration dress Oh Michelle, first you caused a ruckus with that Narciso Rodriguez dress on election night, which we, frankly, didn’t hate that much, but kinda did, and now you choose a bright-yellow Isabel Toledp creation for the Inauguration? One that kind of sparkles, and looks puke-colored in the shade? Well, we salute you, Madame Thang, for exhibiting the bravery your new role requires. But, like, get a new stylist.
Wow, just wow. I know it’s cold outside, guys, and as Supreme Court Justices you have to wear those flimsy robes instead of coats, but those hats are insane. They are not ok. Old dude on left (aka John Paul Stevens), it looks like a Russian cartoon character gave you that hat as a prank. Old dude on right (aka Antonin Scalia), have you entered the Orthodox Preisthood? Supreme court justices inauguration
Don King Don King, world famous boxing promoter and crazy hair haver, has gone denim-crazy. In 1986, I asked my sister to spray paint a dragon on my jean jacket, cause that seemed like an awesome idea at the time. I was four. Don King is 76. The faces on the two guys behind him kinda say it all.
Um, the first daughters are perfect. They look like little, sherbert-dipped princesses–strong and regal and soft and lovely. We get a little gushy about these girls (could you tell?), they represent a new era of hope and service and strength and humor, and boy did they look the part today. Sasha and Malia inauguration
Bushes The Bushes strolled in wearing matching purple scarves and matching penguin-like limps. It’s kinda mean to make fun of old people, but it’s kinda mean to have given the world George W. Bush, so I’m ok with it. We have some problems with couples color-coordinating, cause it makes them look like siblings in some sort of carnival act.
Oh, Aretha, you are the Queen of Soul, but you are not a fashion queen. That hat is a problem for so many reasons: the size, the bow, the size of the bow. But today is a day of hope and we have all been given a reprieve, so what the hell, party on, lady. Aretha Franklin

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