Breakin’: Bye Bye Bushy


So long, suckas! Today, while Americans are crying with joy that January 20th finally came, the Bush clan is finally moving out. Unfazed by his unpopularity, Bush smiled, waved, and even blew a kiss from his limousine as he left the White House with Obama.

During the inauguration ceremony, giant screens near the World War II Memorial flashed a picture of the exiting president and the crowd audibly booed. Some visitors waved at Bush’s aircraft in the sky, when a TV broadcast announced, “George Bush is no longer president of the United States.” Some in the crowd began chanting, “Na-na-na-nah, hey, hey, hey, goodbye.”

This morning, Bush took a last stroll around the White House Grounds before flying to Midland, Texas on Air Force One Special Air Mission 28000. The Bushes cheerfully hosted Barack and Michelle, Joe and Jill, and lawmakers for coffee in the White House before moving out officially.

Mrs. Whatsherface Bush tells People magazine, “I’m leaving with a lot of clothes, which is great – I’ll never have to buy clothes again.” That’s good…I had to sell all my clothes to survive in this recession. Thank God someone was around to keep the fashion industry afloat.

When the magazine asked the former first lady what she would steal from the White House, if she could, she eyeballed art by Andrew Wyeth and Cezanne in the “Puzzle Room,”  JFK’s old digs. “Any number of these paintings would be great to have.”

Since almost all the furniture belonged to the White House and the Bushes have been moving out slowly since this summer, there was nothing but personal belongings to take to the Bush’s new swanky Preston Hollow, Texas home.

Will anyone miss the squinty mole duo as they are shuffled from the White House today?



Special Air Mission 28000: Special Air Mission (SAM) aircrafts  transport political VIPs. The presidential SAM fleet consists of two Boeing 747-200B’s with tail numbers 28000 and 29000. If the current prez ain’t inside, 28000 drops “Air Force One” and is called “Special Air Mission 28000.”

By the Numbers:

28000: the tail number on one of two Boeing 747-200Bs in the Presidential Air Mission fleet

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