As the World Turns: Taliban: “Schoolgirls Are The Bomb!”


Ugh. The Taliban blew up five schools in Pakistan yesterday as part of their ongoing effort to end education for all girls everywhere by January 15. Over 170 schools have burned so far in the Swat Valley as part of this campaign.

As a precautionary measure, Pakistani officials have closed all the remaining schools until they can improve security. Um, if the girls can’t go to school, doesn’t that mean the bad guys win? The Swat Valley school board should take their cue from Shamsia Husseini and her Kandahar crew of hard-core schoolgirls, who returned to class less than two months after the Afghani Taliban threw acid on her face to curb her enthusiasm to learn.

Acid attacks? Bombing little children? What’s next? Pummeling female newborns and cooking them into a stew? How far will they go to keep women in the dark? In fact, we don’t want to know. Because we don’t want them to go there.

More info:

Militants in Pakistan bomb 5 schools

Taliban restrict women’s education in Pakistan

Word Up: Swat Valley – region of Pakistan now under Taliban rule; also known as the “Switzerland of Pakistan” previously famous for being a postcard-perfect vacation spot

Number: 170 – the number of Pakistani schools blown up so far in the Taliban’s offensive against female education


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