Lady Killers: The Trial of Amanda Knox


Amanda Knox Trial Amanda Knox, the 21-year-old Seattle college student accused of killing her roommate while studying abroad in Italy, went on trial today in the medieval town of Perugia.

She, along with her former lover Raffaele Sollecito (could his name be anymore sexy/ominous?), is accused of sexually assaulting Meredith Kercher and slitting her throat during a “drug-fueled sex game,” a little over a year ago. Some climax.

Ever since the international press went crazy over the little-psycho-white girl, Amanda has been in an Italian prison held without bail. Considering the severity of the charges and the possibility of life in prison, her attitude today in court is a little quirky (read: effing scary):

“After the initial moment of trepidation entering the Perugia court, Amanda Knox, dressed in jeans and a gray sweat shirt, smiled widely and took a seat next to her lawyer. Afterward she appeared to be happily chatting with her lawyer and the prison guards.”

So what’s the evidence against Knox? A kitchen knife that has Knox’s DNA on the handle and Kercher’s DNA on the blade (oops!) and some blood from both girls mixed together.

The trial could drag on for months (please, god, please) as the lawyers have requested over 200 witnesses (ranging from Kercher’s BFF, Sophie Purton, to Amanda Knox’s mom) be brought before the court testify. The trial promises salacious details about “Foxy Knoxy,” as Amanda was known to her friends, including the creepiness of the American/Italian lovers buying sexy underwear together two days after Meredith’s death.

By the Numbers: 200 witnesses

WordUp/buzzword: Foxy Knoxy: She-killer who likes a round of throat slicing after sex.

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