Deep Dish: Fame Gone Wild


Ashlee Simpson and her Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz will play Bonnie and Clyde wannabees  on  the March 18th episode of CSI:NY. While the scrappy new parentals play crooks on TV, today’s news reveals a real life roster of celeb offenders playing cops and robbers for real:

  • Jackass Johnny Knoxville “accidentally” brought a fake grenade onto an airplane. After an apology and confirmation that the grenade was indeed fake, American Airlines let him back on. Then, I imagine, everyone laughed, smeared themselves with poo, set themselves on fire and high-fived.
  • Boy George, who increasing resembles The Penguin, was sentenced to 15 months in prison after “falsely imprisoning” a male escort by tying him to a bed and beating him with a metal chain. Gawd. It’s not like it was waterboarding or anything. Prudes.
  • Rapper DMX is currently in an Arizona jail, awaiting a sentence for multiple charges of animal cruelty, drug possession and theft. In jail, DMX said he’s completed a gospel album and wants to become a pastor after his release. He also once said he was a man of the law and was charged with impersonating an FBI agent.

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