Breakin’: Watershipplane Down Part II


newyork_english_7_d_734509gAs we told you yesterday, all 150 passengers of US Airwarys Flight 1549 survived that bizarre crash in the Hudson River.

What we didn’t tell you (cause we didn’t know yet) is that one woman insisted on being rescued with her luggage, the plane was officially felled by a “double bird strike,” and the plane’s left engine is lost and no one can find it.

“It’s somewhere. We’ve got to go find that,” said transportation board member Kathryn O. Higgins.

Uh, yes. You do.

Our fave story to come out of these events is the heroism of the hot-in-a-friendly-old-guy-way pilot Chelsey Sullenberger (please, god, let him not turn out to be a pedophile). Chesley, is being hailed as “the man” and “the Tiger Woods of pilots” by the people he saved and honored today by Mayor Bloomberg of New York City. But the real lasting tribute? A facebook fan page! Hope that makes it worth it, Sully!

And to take a further gander at the geese who caused this crash by flying into both engines…Birds are a pretty common enemy of plane travel, so much so that the good folks of Southwest Florida International Airport have a group of dogs they unleash on the tarmac at take off to keep them away from the plane. 1) Since when does Florida have good ideas? 2) All that technology and the answer is dogs?


By the Numbers: 1 — the number of missing engines

Word UP: Double bird strike: A technical term meaning geese exploded the engines of your plane


One Response to “Breakin’: Watershipplane Down Part II”

  1. coffee Says:

    I’m glad no one was hurt in the crash, sounds like the pilot did a great job

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