Breakin’: Pirates Shiver My Timbers


Somali pirates just released the CEC Future, a Danish ship hijacked last November off the coast of East Africa.

It was the fourth ship this week that was returned to its rightful owners in exchange for boatloads (literally) of cash, an estimated 1-2 million bucks. Last weekend, they freed Saudi oil tanker Sirius Star for 3 million. (Significantly less than the requested 25 mil, but hey, in lean times even pirates must lower earnings expectations.)

There were a shocking 293 pirate incidents in 2008, the highest ever. They picked up dramatically in September, just in time for National Talk Like a Pirate Day!.

Scurvy aside, pirating is a hot gig in Somalia.  “They wed the most beautiful girls; they are building big houses; they have new cars,” according to the BBC.  “In many ways it is socially acceptable” to be a sea dog. It’s not just money they’re after, as pirate spokesman (?!) Sugule Ali told the New York Times from aboard the boat he had hijacked in October. They want to “stop illegal fishing and dumping in our waters…Think of us like a coast guard.”

Wow. Money, fashionable head accessories, and a soul? Aww. I mean, arrr! I mean, rowwr!

Other Pirate Booty:

  • Time has this slideshow of the “face of modern piracy.” The accompanying article describes dollars floating on the surface of the sea.
  • A CNN reporter in the field reminds us that he’s pretty hot sh*t, phoning up those pirates and all.
  • Release your inner pirate with Pirattitude. No, really, that’s the name of the book. Ahoy, matey!

By the Numbers:

293 – number of pirate attacks in 2008
13 – number of crew members on the CEC Future

Word Up:

Sea dog: An old and experienced man of the seas, often used as a synonym of pirate. Not to be confused with Sea Cow (manatee) or Chicken of the Sea (tuna).


One Response to “Breakin’: Pirates Shiver My Timbers”

  1. evelinitha Says:

    the pirates in peter pan were so much cooler than these pirates.

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