Breakin’: Watershipplane Down


hudson planeLess than an hour ago US Airways Flight 1549 crashed into the Hudson River after reportedly flying into a skein of geese that severed one of the engines. (Geese?) (Severing an engine?) (Skein?)

The plane took off from New York’s Laguardia airport, headed for Charlotte, NC, but the pilot reported a possible bird attack shortly after take-off.

There were roughly 150 people on, board but no casualties have been reported so far. People were seen standing on the plane’s submerged wings boarding rescue ferries in the freezing New York waterway. It looked like a miracle, people standing on water. I guess it kind of was.

Btw: fun fact to hold over your friends who get it wrong: A group of geese on the ground are called a gaggle, but when they’re flying in formation they’re called a wedge or a skein. Thanks, Wikipedia.


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