Yes We Scan: The Nanny Diaries


04fedtwo650Aliens are invading the American government—illegal aliens, that is. Though they supposedly lack cultural clout, one may topple our treasury secretary-to-be… just when we need one the most.

According to the AP, Obama’s pick Timothy Geithner, currently New York Fed Chairman, employed an illegal immigrant as his family’s nanny. (Geithner also has some tax issues but claims they were due to his confusion with the tax code. Um, if the guy who’s supposed to run our economy doesn’t understand the dictates of the IRS, how are we supposed to? )

As a result of the scandal, Geithner won’t be confirmed in time to take office when his boss does on Tuesday. The Senate Finance Committee rescheduled his confirmation hearing for next week.

If he’s smacked down, Geithner won’t be the first high-level appointment felled by an illegal caregiver:

– In 1993, Bill Clinton was charged with appointing an attorney general. His first choice was respected jurist Zoë Baird. Turns out Baird had hired illegal aliens as chauffeur (really?) and nanny  and was forced to withdraw her name from consideration.

– Clinton then moved on to judge Kimba Wood. Surprise surprise, Wood too had hired illegals to care for her children, and while Wood had employed the undocumented immigrant at a time when it was legal to do so, the cloud of controversy forced her to withdraw her nomination. (PS — Clinton’s third and final pick, Janet Reno, was finally confirmed. She went on to make sure that all brown people were sent back to where they came from.)

– The list goes on: Linda Chavez let an illegal immigrant crash on her couch and gave her money to do “light housework.” Ironically, this disqualified her from becoming Secretary of Labor.  Bernard Kerik withdrew his nomination to be secretary of homeland security after  employing a falsely-documented worker to tend his tots as well.

Why are pols risking probs by staffing illegal nannies?

A high-end nanny (legally documented, with knowledge of early childhood education) can command a salary of up to $100,000. Any on-the-books nanny is entitled to minimum wage and that (plus the taxes associated) can cost upwards of $20,000 a year. Illegals are paid anywhere between 50-300 dollars a week (which still beats being a writer by a fair amount).

You do the math.


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