Breakin’: The Ultimate Bailout


So, hey, when I said that my bank balance made me want to die, I didn’t mean it LITERALLY. Neither did Marcus Schrenker, a disgraced investment advisor from Indiana who faked his own death Monday in a plane crash, after allegedly stealing millions from his investors. Schrenker tried to “bail out” by parachuting out of the burning plane and racing away on a motorcycle stashed in the woods. It seems this James Bond wannabe was about as good at faking death as he was at managing money—he was apprehended late Tuesday by Florida authorities.

If this guy wanted to really join the storied ranks of fallen financiers (in a bleak echo of 1929), there are other ways to do it: for example, he could throw himself in front of a speeding train, like German billionaire Adolf Merckle did on Monday, or slit his wrists in his own office, as Rene-Theirry Magon de la Villehuchet did late last year after losing 1.4 billion to buddy Bernie Madoff. But I guess Schrenker thought he could cheat death—just like he cheated his clients.


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