As The World Turns: School Girls Rock, Even On Acid


Seriously, when I was in high school I hated going to school with a zit on my face—so I am in total awe of 17-year-old Shamsia Husseini and her friends at the Mirwais school in Kandahar, who have it way, way worse.

Two months ago, some suspected Taliban thugs threw acid on their faces, scarring them for life. These sickos wanted to scare the girls off from going to school, cuz, you know, educated women are a menace to society.

But it’s girls around the globe who are menaced:

–      In Kenya, girls are barred classrooms when you have your period because they can’t afford pads and are considered unsanitary
–      In Uganda, El Salvador, and South Africa it’s tough to get good grades without being, um, raped. A 2008 study by human rights group Plan International found that 1/3 of students in Zambia are raped by their teachers every month.

But there’s a silver lining—in July, the high court of Zambia found in favor of a girl who had been raped by her teacher. As for Shamsia, did a little facial scarring deter her? No—in fact, almost ALL of the girls injured in the attack are back in school. Headmaster Mahmood Qadari told parents, “if you don’t send your daughters to school, then the enemy wins,” and so Shamsia and her classmates have been braving the two-mile walk to school, proving it doesn’t take superpowers to combat evil.

More about African attitudes towards menstruation

Learn Without Fear (campaign to end violence by Plan International)


2 Responses to “As The World Turns: School Girls Rock, Even On Acid”

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