As The World Turns: China Parents Won’t Settle for Illed Milk


Some brave  Chinese parents are opting out of a buyout in the melamine scandal that sickened nearly 300,000 children and most of our souls. They say (and I paraphrase) “Eff your $160 million compensation plan! We want long term health care for our freaking kids! Research their ailments! What would Mao do?” (The Chairman would probably enlist the tots into a fanatical but weakling army, but that’s beside the point.)

Let’s hope the parents of these victims fare better than their shaken earthquake counterparts. Eight long months after the heartbreaking quake that claimed 70,000+ lives  these parents just arrived in Beijing to petition the Communist Party’s Central Committee for Discipline Inspection. They still want answers to why their kids were crushed in substandardly-built schools. The gov’t assishly tried to pay them off to shut them up and last month rejected a lawsuit filed by  58 parents against local authorities.

This type of story is what makes me sad and proud to have Chinese ancestry. It completely sucks that so many kids won’t ever grow up to feel the same.


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