Eat Me: Hamburgled


According to today’s news,  hamburgers will be huge in 2009. 7% more restaurants offer up the meaty mouthfuls than they did two years ago and McDonald’s is one of only two  companies in the Dow Jones industrial average to gain in value stocks last year. (The other was Walmart.)

While my drool pools beneath my tongue, Muslim groups in Malaysia are currently boycotting McDonalds, among other American Companies, to protest American support of Israel. As  MickyD deals with agression abroad, Burger King is on facebook promoting their new “Angry Whopper” product.  If members delete ten Facebook friends, they’re generously rewarded with a free Angry Whopper…and no one to eat with. Lame marketing is also huge in 2009; Burger King also released aWhopper-inspired fragrance  called Flame. Just what we needed, a fatty-attractor.

Speaking of fatty meatheads, Genghis Khan might have been one of the first indulgers of the meat patty. They say he would store lamb or mutton scrapings under the saddles of his horses to soften the meat. Then, he would eat it raw, cause the Khan is hardcore like that.

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