Breakin’: Dog Daze


Sure, Obama’s navigating bailout and stimulous plans, but first he must wrestle with a  more virile creature. Obama has narrowed  his First Dog choice to either a Portuguese Water Dog (Portie) or a Labradoodle (We think the latter is more fun because a) they’re half-breeds and b) labradoodle sounds like a Little Debbie snack cake.)

The American Kennel Club invited millions of too eager Americans to vote on their fave canine candidate and the winner was the poodle. In case you are one of those who were — ehem — anxious to help, go to

In the meanwhile, the prez had better not invite Rachael Ray over to cook the canine any meals. While promoting her “Nutrish” (no, that’s really the name) line of dog food in Modern Dog magazine, Rachael provided the recipe Isaboo’s Butternut Squash Mac and Chedder. The recipe is listed as “pet friendly” even though it contains onions which are potentially fatal to dogs. In “unrelated” news, Rachael’s dog Boo “passed away suddenly” three years ago.

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