ACute Angle: It’s A Man-Eat-Squirrel-Eat-Dog World.


07squirrel_6001They gave us the pervy sounding bangers and mash while greasing our gullets with fish and chips. Now, the snaggle-toothed chefs of Mother England have unveiled their latest culinary endeavor: the squirrel!(gag.) Can someone say, “Please sir, I want some more?!” (no.)

Served like Peking-duck, in a hazelnut terrine, and Sweeny Tood-style meat pies, the lean meat sports the “lovely flavor of the nuts they nibbled.” (um.) The trend also helps regulate the ravenous North American grey squirrel population, which is threatening the local red because they are fat pigs.

Hm. Perhaps this trend should make its way Northeast, where a gang of marauding squirrels recently bit a stray dog to death. Sorry, did I say “bit?” A Russian reporter says they “literally gutted” it. Talk about the “lovely flavor of the nuts they nibbled,” for real.


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