Politickler: Coleman vs. Franken, Round…uh…Are We Really Still Counting This Thing?


We Minnesotans like a little wrestling mixed with our politics (see: Governor Ventura, Jesse “The Body”). But after a 2-month recount in which former comedian Al Franken was (finally!) declared victor over scandal-tinged incumbent Norm Coleman by a razor-thin margin of 225 votes, I’ve lost count of how many rounds we’ve gone on this one. The latest bout has Noxious Norm body-slamming Agile Al with yet another lawsuit to count some ballots and discard others.

As Franken’s lawyer quipped, we’re watching as “the Coleman campaign takes a very big rock, and pushes it up a very steep hill.” This could drag on for months, which is a bummer both for Senate Dems, who are currently two seats shy of a filibuster-proof 60-seat majority, and also for Norm, who, uh, wants to win.


But a little inconvenience is nothing to our Norm. Coleman, you see, used to be a radical student activist, but conveniently became a Republican in the Reagan-themed 80s, entering office as a crusader against—wait for it—lawsuits he felt were gratuitous. Even back on November 5th, when he woke up to what looked what like a squeaker in his favor, he practically begged Franken to pass on the recount. Luckily for liberals and comedy lovers, the fair state of Minnesota initiated a mandatory recount (‘cuz the margin of error was so small), and here I am now, early 2009 and about to entrust my civil liberties to a former Mick Jagger impersonator. Democracy in action, folks. It’s a beautiful thing.

More on the Main Players:

Al Franken (as Mick Jagger)
Norm Coleman (as a hippie)


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