Deep Dish: Scientology Blamed for Travolta Death?


Ever since Tom jumped on the couch, I’ve been paying more attention to my queasiness about Scientology. Before Katie went all zombie-bride on us, I thought maybe it was just my anti-Star Trek bias that had me suspicious of a religion based on a galactic ruler named Xenu who lords over Earth (or good ol’ planet Teegeeack, as they say). But now comes the super-sad news that Jett Travolta, the 16-year-old son Kelly Preston and John Travolta, died suddenly after having a seizure on January 2nd. From Gawker to the London Times it seems everyone is wondering if Scientology is somehow to blame for the tragedy.

Where the fingers are pointing:

• In 2003, Preston told Montel that Jett suffered from Kowasaki Syndrome, and that she had improved Jett’s health through a detoxification program called Clear Body and Clear Mind, based on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard

• The fact that Travolta’s own brother believed Jett suffered from untreated autism has some wondering if the tragedy could have been avoided, since the autistic population is at a great risk for developing epilepsy and other seizure disorders

• Repeated reports that the Church frowns on seizure meds, believing that all mental illnesses are psychosomatic

With little Suri Cruise entering her toddler years as her dad loses box office muscle faster than her mom loses weight on a special Dianetics diet, I’m newly grateful that I’m a Jew.

More info:

Video of coroner’s press conference
More about Jett
Scientology recruits celebs to spread the gospel
Katie Holmes’ Scientology Diet
Scientology vs. Meds


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